6 levels (corresponding to the CEFR*) are offered, from A1 (complete beginner) to A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Deadline for June's registration: contact the secretariat at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deadline for July's registration, June 17th, 12 AM.

2 sessions:

  • June 2018 -->from the 11th to the 29th
  • July 2018 -->from the 9th to the 27th

52 or 75 hours of classes per session.

Fees: 825€ / session of 75 hours or 580€ / session of 52 hours.


* CEFR : Common European Frame of Reference

JUNE Session (52h or 75h)- From the 11th to the 29th :

3 weeks of courses.

Meeting day (mandatory) - Thursday 7th of June

10:30: Meeting day... Let's meet together!
12:30: Buffet...Bon Appétit!

1st day: Beginning of the courses and workshops - Monday 11th of June

Last day: End of the classes - Friday 29th of June

JULY Session (52h or 75h) -

From the 9th to the 27th :

3 weeks of courses.

Meeting day (mandatory) - Thursday 5th of July

10:30: Meeting day... Let's meet together!
12:30: Buffet...Bon Appétit!

1st day: Beginning of the courses and workshops - Monday 9th of July

Last day: End of the classes - Friday 27th of July




French teaching at the UIEN is geared towards communication and is based on the Council of Europe’s recommandations for modern languages (CEFR). All students are tested upon their arrival and are subsequently placed into groups according to their level. During your training, the teaching support team will be at your disposal to help ensure your individual progress.


Guidelines used by the teaching staff to draft the language-culture courses and workshops.


Monday-Friday 9 AM to 12:30 PM

Afternoon: WORKSHOPS (for the session of 75 hours)

1- Mondays and Thursdays = 12 hours

2- Tuesdays and Fridays = 12 hours

According to their level in French, students will have two workshops.

Aims of the language-culture classes:
This class helps students of all levels to improve their oral communication skills while also developing their written language abilities in professional, academic and everyday situations.

Aims of the workshops:
The workshops aim to provide students with as much practice as possible in diverse aspects of French language and culture. Depending upon the chosen theme, emphasis is placed varyingly upon comprehension and expression, both oral and written.

Workshops will be presented by teachers at the start of each session to help students making their choice.
Some workhops might be cancelled in case of insufficient enrollments.

Examples of student written productions.

Examples of workshops according to the levels :

For summer 2018

Level A1: speaking practice (pratique de l'oral), French culture (culture française).

Level A2: spelling training and improvement (perfectionnement orthographique), French typical food (gastronomie française), speaking practice (pratique de l'oral),  French songs (chansons françaises).

Level B1: French for business (français des affaires), legal French (français juridique), cinema, French civilization through the media (civilisation française à travers les médias), French for tourist industry (français du tourisme), travel journal (carnet de voyage), vocabulary training and improvement (perfectionnement lexical), theater (théâtre), creative writing (écriture créative), press and news (presse et actualité).

Levels B2, C1/C2: morphosyntax training and improvent (perfectionnement morpho-synthaxique), academic speaking methodology (méthodologie de l'oral universitaire), academic writing methodology (méthodologie de l'écrit universitaire), Antiquity in the Mediterranean area (Antiquité en Méditerranée), Esthetics and Philosophy (esthétique et philosophie), Nice and the "Côte d'Azur" - history and heritage, training for DALF exams (Nice et la Côte d'Azur - histoire et patrimoine, se préparer aux épreuves du DALF).



Each session is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, divided as follows:
- Language-culture classes: 2 ECTS credits
- Workshops: 1 ECTS credits
To obtain ECTS credits, students must meet all academic requirements communicated to them.

N.B. Only the Educational Committee for Prior Learning Recognition of your college is entitled to recognize the E.C.T.S. you gained at the U.I.E.N. for the purposes of your degree.


At the end of the session, students will be issued a certificate stating their level of language proficiency as well as the number of classes attended.  Levels correspond to those defined by the Council of Europe:
A1: Breakthrough            B1: Threshold                C1: Autonomous
A2: Usual                        B2: Vantage                   C2: Mastery


At the end of each session, students may take the "Test de Connaissance de Français" (TCF) for an additional cost of 80 euros (IT IS NOT A COURSE!).
The TCF is recognized by the Ministry of Education. The validity of TCF is 2 years. The certificate is issued by the CIEP which conceives the tests and which evaluates the productions of the students.


DATE OF EXAM FOR TCF TP TEST: two sessions, June 27th and July 19th, compulsory tests only!

Registration deadlines: June 12th for first session (June 27th) and June 22nd for second session (July 19th)


Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.