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Thème Ligands d’Acides Nucléiques (Targeting of Nucleic Acids research group)


Maria DUCA research group Member of COST Epichembio (CM1406) RNA represents a major biological target for future drug development, because it is involved in a wide number of biological (...)


• Follow us on twitter ! @MariaDuca_ICN • February 2018 : Dr. Klara Aradi joined our research group for a 2-year post-doc in the contest of our INCa-granted project, welcome Klara !! • (...)


Group Leader Maria Duca Permanent members Stéphane Azoulay (Assistant Professor) Audrey Di Giorgio (Assistant Professor) Nadia Patino (Full Professor) Post-doctoral fellows Anita RAYAR (...)


We are a recently established research group that is focusing its activity on the design of new small-molecule ligands targeting biologically relevant RNAs that represent original and innovative (...)


2018 Staedel, C., Tran, T.P.A., Giraud, J., Darfeuille, F., Di Giorgio, A., Tourasse, N.J., Salin, F., Uriac, P., Duca, M. Modulation of oncogenic miRNA biogenesis using functionalized (...)

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Université Côte d’Azur among the 10 main French universities The Université Côte d’Azur (UCA) is a community of universities and institutions (COMUE) which, in addition to its 13 members, groups (...)


PhD students French Minister funding opportunities are available for PhD students (application deadline in April 2018). Candidates should forward a CV and contact information to (...)