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Thème Chimie verte - chimie durable

S. Antoniotti’s group homepage

Main research activities ■Catalytic methodologies in organic synthesis ■Green and sustainable chemistry ■Nanocatalysis ■Supported metal catalysis (Bi, Fe, Cu, In, Ga) ■Biocatalysis (hydrolases, (...)

1st Master class NiceFlow

Masterclass NiceFlow University Nice Sophia Antipolis – Faculty of Sciences – Parc Valrose – Nice, France Université Nice Côte d’Azur will host the 1st Masterclass NiceFlow on the applications of (...)

Group members

Group leader : Dr Sylvain Antoniotti Helène Bouges, PhD student, biocatalysis, essEnzyme project Najiba Mahmoud, research scientist, biocatalysis and circular economy in the discovery of novel (...)

Research areas

Nanocausys project funded by ANR CD2I The project Nanocausys (Nanostructured catalysts in unconventional systems), involving 5 French academic laboratories (ICN, ISM, ICMCB, ICCF, LOF) and the (...)


Selection of recent articles (Full publication list) P. D. Giorgi, P. J. Miedziak, J. K. Edwards, G. J. Hutchings, S. Antoniotti. Bicatalytic multistep reactions en route to the one-pot total (...)

Contact & Applications

Master training available : No opening PhD position available : No opening. Scientist position : No opening. Send a CV by email at : Dr Sylvain ANTONIOTTI Institut de Chimie de Nice (...)

Lab tour

Juillet 2013 July Septembre 2014 September Condenser without water circulation VOC emission-free vacuum pump Two parallel reactors 12-slots Vapourtec flow chemistry system (...)