Christophe Raufaste

Professor, Université Côte d'Azur
Junior fellow (2020), Institut Universitaire de France


My research is at the intersection between soft matter, fluid mechanics and nonlinear physics. The subjects cover surface-tension-driven flow and the dynamics of soft elastic objects with a large range of applications from the mechanics of liquid foams to fish locomotion.

Latest news

D. Paulovics starts his PhD on freezing droplets.

October 2021

The project DRAINFILM is funded by the french national research agency.

December 2020

L. Fu starts a postdoc on machine learning for fish locomotion

December 2020

G. Giombini starts his PhD on superpropulsion of slender elastic beams

October 2019

Waves Côte d'Azur conference

4-7 June 2019. A transdisciplinary conference on nonlinearity and disorder in wave phenomena, from microscopic to physiologic and astronomical scales. We are organizing the session Nonlinear waves at interfaces.

Mousses, films et effets Marangoni workshop

27-29 March 2019

C. d'Angelo starts his PhD on impact of multi-layered projectiles

October 2018

J. Sanchez-Rodriguez starts his PhD on fish locomotion

October 2018

Sabbatical leave until August 2018 in the group of Prof. Ray Goldstein

Jan.-Aug. 2018, DAMTP, University of Cambridge