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BOOKS and Chapters of collective books.

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International Publications

2017. William J. Ripple Christopher Wolf Thomas M. Newsome Mauro Galetti Mohammed Alamgir Eileen Crist Mahmoud I. Mahmoud William F. Laurance and 15,364 scientists. World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice.
, bix125,

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Alexandre Muzy, Franck Varenne, Bernard P. Zeigler, Jonathan Caux, Patrick Coquillard, Luc Touraille, Dominique Prunetti, Philippe Caillou, Olivier Michel, David RC Hill. Refounding of Activity Concept? Towards a Federative Paradigm for Modelling and SimulationSimulation, vol. 89, no. 2, 156-177. PDF

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International Conferences in Computer Science

Coquillard P. (Invited speaker), 2009. Activatability for simulation tractability of NP problems: Application to Ecology. Cargese Interdisciplinary Seminar 2009. April 20-24th, Cargèse, France.

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Others International Conferences

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National Publications & Conferences 

PREVOSTO B., CURT T., DAMBRINE E., COQUILLARD P., 2004. Natural tree colonization of former agricultural lands in the French Massif Central: Impact of past land use on stand structure, soil characteristics and understorey vegetation. In O. Honnay, K. Verheyen, B. Bossuyt, M. Hermy (eds), « Forest Biodiversity:
Lessons from History Conservation ». CABI publishing, IUFRO Research Series 10, p 41-53.

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