Material for Phonology-classes taught
at the
8th Central European Summer School in Generative Linguistics

Nis, Serbia July-August 2001

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Haike Jacobs
Abstract for his classes.pdf (6Kb)

Jonathan Kaye
Abstract for his classes.pdf (4Kb)
A Users' Guide to Government Phonology (GP).pdf (78Kb)
Why this Article is not about the Acquisition of Phonology - paper.pdf (195Kb)
A Fresh Look at Putonghua Onset-Rime Pairs - paper.doc (157Kb)
A Short Theory about Tones - paper.pdf (77Kb)
Appendix B to A Fresh Look....doc (174Kb)

Tobias Scheer
regular classes
---- NEW ----
Handout week 1: CVCV + morphology.pdf (351Kb)
Handout week 2: Locality + Phonology in Phonology.pdf (188Kb)
Abstract for his classes.pdf (14Kb)
The Coda Mirror - paper .pdf (193Kb)
The Coda Mirror - handout .pdf (51Kb)
A representational theory of morphological information in phonology - handout .pdf (189Kb)
CVCV syllable structure - Plovdiv .pdf (113Kb)
Disjunctive Contexts .pdf (75Kb)
On constraints vs. non-circular approaches to word-initial clusters - paper .pdf (163Kb)

Everything you always wanted to know about Czech vowel length
---- NEW ----
Handout Czech fanatics.pdf (359Kb)
Abstract Czech vowel length.pdf (101Kb)
Prefixal vowel length in Czech - paper .pdf (133Kb)
Prefixal vowel length in Czech - handout .pdf (91Kb)

Sabrina Bendjaballah
---- NEW ----
Handout Apophony.pdf (269Kb)
Abstract for her classes...(one click left button)

further material (Czech)