Courses by T. Scheer at Warsaw University, spring 01

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Intermediate Phonology: course material .pdf (118Kb)

Material for the Czech Phonology-course
Handout for this course, version 3 after classes .pdf (489Kb)

Table of Slavic #RT-words & LINGUIST-request
The Coda Mirror Handout .pdf (51Kb)
The Coda Mirror Article .pdf (193Kb)
Disjunctive Contexts .pdf (75Kb)
Plovdiv Handout .pdf (113Kb)
Vowel-zero alternations in Czech prefixes .pdf (133Kb)
Length alternations in Czech vowel-final prefixes - handout .pdf (91Kb)
What is templaticity? .pdf (6Kb)
Link to the Conference on Templatic and Concatenative Aspects in Phonology, held in Bordeaux in June 2000 (click on "description of thematic sessions")

Phonology-classes in Nis 01