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Bases, Corpus, Langage

Old World Conference in Phonology 7
Nice, 28-30 January 2010
invited speakers:
Christian Uffmann, Eugeniusz Cyran, Marilyn Vihman
Guidance for presenters

oral paper presentations
  • the room will be equiupped with video projection facilities: a laptop that can handle popular PC- and MAC-based formats (Powerpoint etc.).
  • so we recommend that in case you use video-projection you just plug in your USB stick.
    In this case, please please make sure that you put your file on the laptop and try out your presentation beforehand, in a meal or coffee break, so that there is no delay during the session.
  • if for some reason you prefer using your own laptop, please make sure that you try out your presentation beforehand, in a meal or coffee break.
  • in any case, i.e. whether video projection is used or not, we encourage you to distribute handouts (that's audience-friendly): about 70 handouts should do (we eventually update this number as registration proceeds and we have more precise figures).

poster presentations
  • the poster session is on Friday 29th from 11h35 (or earlier starting during the coffe break) to 12h30 (or further into the lunch break)
  • the poster displays will be set up on the evening before the poster session, i.e. on Thrusday 28th after the last presentation.
  • you will have a space of about 5' (wide) x 3'9" (high) (152 cm wide x 114 cm high) for your poster. Each person presenting a poster will be provided with the means to affix their posters to the display board.
  • please feel free to bring handouts with you, so that those viewing your poster also have something to take away.
  • there is no one single way to produce a good poster: the important things are
    • that the font size is not too small
    • that it is easily readable and does not have too much text on it
    • that it sets out the main points that you want to argue for clearly
    • and maybe that it's eye catching, too.
  • some presenters bring one big poster which takes up all the space, others bring a series of A3 or A4 sheets of paper which can be fitted together on the poster board.
  • during the poster session, you will be asked to stand by your poster (for at least a fair amount of the session) as conference participants walk around the displays, read your posters and ask you questions about them.