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Bases, Corpus, Langage

Old World Conference in Phonology 7
Nice, 28-30 January 2010
invited speakers:
Christian Uffmann, Eugeniusz Cyran, Marilyn Vihman

Registration fee
[including dinner on Thursday 28th]
  • 1. early registration (until January 10th, 2010)
    • regular: 50E
    • students and people without employment: 20E
  • 2. late registration (after January 10th, 2010)
    • regular: 60E
    • students and people without employment: 30E

ALL participants, i.e. including those who are not presenting, are invited to register by following the procedure below.
Registration falls into two steps: pre-inscription and confirmation. It is only upon confirmation that you pay the inscription fees (by credit card).
[We apologize in advance for the host of information required: the software used is generic and cannot be further parameterized, we hate it as much as you will, but it allows you to pay online...]

1. Pre-inscription
  • go to the registration site
  • choose your language, French or English, by clicking on the flag
  • on the next page is a list of conferences; on the OCP-7 line click on “pre-registration”
  • you are now on the pre-registration page. Fill in the following:
    • last name, first name
    • choose your status: speaker, researcher or student (ignore the other possibilities)
    • e-mail (this is important for the next step)
    • phone number (if you want to: otherwise type "xxx")
    • in the “Tarification” drop list, choose
      • Student/University for a regular inscription (i.e. if you are not a student or have a job)
      • student if you are either a student or don't have a job
      • organizer if you are not a linguist but want to have dinner with us
    • home address, city, postal code and country
    • affiliation: your home University
    • neglect all other fields concerning your home institution: “xxx” or “000” will do; ignore the “contribution” field
  • hit the ok button

Your pre-inscription is now saved, and we get an alert. We check whether everything is ok. Upon our validation, you receive a confirmation e-mail from "no-reply@dr20.cnrs.fr". Click on the link that appears in the body of the mail, which will take you to the “confirmation of registration” page.

2. Inscription
  • check the information provided
  • arrival and departure: fill in if you want to, otherwise type “11/11/1111”
  • we organize a dinner: if you participate and have particular dietary requirements, make them explicit
  • follow indications until you reach the “invoice” page
  • indicate whether you have dinner with us on the 28th: the dinner is included in the registration fee, but we need to know how many dishes we have to order. Please also check the box if you just have dinner with us but are not attending the talks. Please note that we harvest the number of reservations on January 19th (the Maison du Séminaire needs to know the number of dishes a week in advance): if you check the box after this date, we won't be able to guarantee your dinner.
  • pay and validate your registration
  • if you can't pay online by credit card (on a secured page), please