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Bases, Corpus, Langage

Old World Conference in Phonology 7
Nice, 28-30 January 2010
invited speakers:
Christian Uffmann, Eugeniusz Cyran, Marilyn Vihman
Programme [pdf]
[Friday 29th] [Saturday 30th]

Thursday 28 January
8h30 Registration open
9h15 Opening
9h30 invited talk
Christian Uffmann (U Sussex)
[pdf] The Non-Trivialness of Segmental Representations
10h20 Francesco Torres-Tamarit (U Autňnoma de Barcelona)
[pdf] Coda Nasals in Catalan: a Harmonic Serialism Analysis
10h50 Ben Hermans (Meertens Institute)
[pdf] Communication between syllables
11h20 coffee break
11h35 Alexander Krasovitsky (U Surrey)
[pdf] Phonological shift in progress: the rise of neutralization in a North Russian dialect
12h05 Elizabeth Casserly (Indiana University)
[pdf] Spread glottis in Faroese: Realization, neutralization and representation
lunch break

14h Daniel Karvonen (U Minnesota)
[pdf] A moraic mismatch in Finnish: The status of coda consonants
14h30 Björn Köhnlein (U Leiden)
[pdf] From many to one: the segment as the only TBU
15h Bronwyn Bjorkman (MIT)
[pdf] Morphologically triggered default-to-opposite stress in Nez Perce
15h30 coffee break
15h45 Ann Denwood
[pdf] Heads I wins; tails U loses
16h15 Markus Pöchtrager (Bogazici University Istanbul) & Jonathan Kaye (U Ljubljana)
[pdf] Dial A for adjunction
16h45 coffee break
17h Marijn van 't Veer (LUCL, U Leiden)
[pdf] Offset syllabification in French and Dutch: Evidence from Acquisition
17h30 Julian Bradfield (U Edinburgh)
[pdf] OT or not OT - is that a question?
18h business meeting
18h30 setting up posters
dinner at the Maison du Séminaire

Friday 29 January
9h30 invited talk
Eugeniusz Cyran (Catholic University of Lublin)
[pdf] Complexity and Licensing Scales in Government Phonology
10h20 Eva Melkonyan
[pdf] Cyclic Spell-out in Armenian: an alternative to lexically specified syllable structure
10h20 Bert Botma, Koen Sebregts & Dick Smakman (U Leiden)
[pdf] Pre-lateral mid-vowel colouring and the Dutch tense-lax contrast
10h50 Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens Institute & U Leiden)
[pdf] Sigma strikes back
11h20 coffee break
11h35 poster session
  • Young-ran An (Stony Brook) [pdf] Syllable-internal template: Evidence from Korean consonant insertion
  • Katalin Baloge Bérces (U Piliscsaba, Hungary) & Daniel Huber [pdf] On the emergence of the Dutch laryngeal system
  • Catharine Carfoot (U Essex) [pdf] Considering Optimality Theory from an Evolutionary Biological persepctive
  • Katerina Chládková (U Amsterdam) [pdf] Auditory cues determine allomorphy: Vocalized and non-vocalized prepositions in Czech
  • Anissa Dahak (Paris 7 Diderot) [pdf] The role of codas in English unstressed syllables: two specific consonants
  • Xiaoli Dong (U Utrecht) [pdf] The adaptation of English final stops in Standard Chinese loanwords
  • Pavel Iosad (U Tromsř, CASTL) [pdf] Structure versus prominence: evidence from Munster Irish
  • Charalampos Karypidis [pdf] Laying the groundwork for a set-theoretic approach to estimating feature economy in segment inventories
  • Wenxin Lee (Nankai University, China) [pdf] Directionality of Tone Sandhi and the Harmonic Serialism
  • Nabila Louriz (U Casablanca), Wyn Johnson (U Essex) [pdf] The Role of Input Contrast in Phonological Acquisition
  • Konrad Szczesniak (University of Silesia) [pdf] The indeterminate status of /i/ in Polish. Phonology and morphology in its distribution
  • Dániel Szeredi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) [pdf] Perception of centralized vowels in a language with vowel harmony
  • Gabor Turcsan & Lisa-Marie Carlotti (U Provence, LPL) [pdf] Syncope dilemma in Spoken English: Phonology or Phonetics?
  • Marina Tzakosta (U Crete) & Jeroen Vis (U Amsterdam) [pdf] Exploring complex segments in Greek
  • Ruben van de Vijver & Dinah Baer-Henney (U Potsdam) [pdf] An experimental study of the acquisition of natural and unnatural alternations by German children

  • Harry van der Hulst (U Connecticut) & Norval Smith (U Amsterdam) [pdf] The never-ending analysis of Pasiego Vowel Harmony
  • [alternate speaker]
    Judith Meinschaefer (U Würzburg) [pdf] Metrical microvariation and catalexis in Romance ]
lunch break

14h Yuni Kim (U Manchester)
[pdf] Diphthongization and contrast realization in Huave
14h30 Peter Jurgec (U Tromsř)
[pdf] Icy Targets
15h Pavel Iosad & Bruce Morén-Duolljá (University of Tromsř, CASTL)
[pdf] Palatalization in Russian: the true(r) story
15h30 coffee break
15h45 Patrycja Strycharczuk (U Manchester)
[pdf] Persistence vs. improvement in prosodic opacity
16h15 Igor Yanovich & Donca Steriade (MIT)
[pdf] Uniformity, Subparadigm Precedence and Contrast derive stress patterns in Ukrainian nominal paradigms
16h45 coffee break
17h Sang-Cheol Ahn (Kyung Hee University) & HaeilPark (Yonsei University)
[pdf] On the phonological complexity scale in Korean diphthongs
17h30 Paul Boersma & Silke Hamann
[pdf] Simulating eternal optimization: Grimm's law


book auction (MC Honeybone)

18h30 end of the day

Saturday 30 January
9h30 Péter Rácz (U Freiburg) & Péter Rebrus (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
[pdf] Complexity and distinctiveness in the possessive allomorphy of Hungarian
10h00 Marton Soskuthy (U Edinburgh)
[pdf] Analogy at the level of phonology: the emergence of intrusive-r in English
10h30 coffee break
10h45 Grzegorz Michalski (U Poznan)
[pdf] Empty spaces. representational means of reflecting non-cyclic affixation
11h15 Krisztina Polgárdi (U Szeged)
[pdf] The distribution of vowels in English and trochaic proper government
11h45 Patrick Honeybone (U Edinburgh)
[pdf] A non-predictable template with subsegmental specification: diddificating truncation in Liverpool English
lunch and end of the main conference

Workshop on Templates
14h invited talk
Marilyn Vihman (U York)
[pdf] Templates in adult and child language
14h50 Sophie Wauquier (U Paris 8, UMR 7023)
[pdf] Early Templates in Acquisition of French Phonology. Rethinking continuity ?
15h20 coffee break
15h35 Sabrina Bendjaballah & Philippe Ségéral (U Paris 7, CNRS)
[pdf] An unexpected Semitic templatic morphology: the Mehri case (Modern South Arabic, South Semitic)
16h05 Kevin Schluter (U Arizona)
[pdf] Output Constraints and Canonicity ]
16h05 Mohamed Lahrouchi (CNRS, U Paris 8)
[pdf] Template structure in Berber: restrictions on derivations
16h35 Outi Bat-El (U Tel-Aviv)
[pdf] The template is not a unit: the minimal word in adult and child Hebrew
17h05 coffee break
17h20 Markus Pöchtrager (Bogazici University, Istanbul)
[pdf] Does one size fit all?
17h50 Attila Starcevic (Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest)
[pdf] Old English as a templatic language
18h20 end of the workshop